Green Tiki

18 Dec

Green Tiki

Green Tiki cannabis company in Washington is seeking to encourage cannabis law enforcement officials in other states to tell their female partners that they're supporting women's equality, "so that they feel more empowered and more accepting of themselves and the opposite sex," the New York Times reports.

Green tiki cannabis is now a part of a growing trend for high-end, industrial-grade cannabis available to consumers in countries that ban recreational marijuana. Our top-of-the-line warehouse grows real weed in B.C.'s beautiful Willamette Valley. Quality helps keep our prices down. We are a member of the OC Access group and have contributed to the political arena. This group brings together cannabis and retail companies across the country. 

 Marijuana activist Stacey Higginbotham is attempting to get officers to tell these women that they'll be "welcome at the door," because many officers believe that the only way to see a woman as a full, functional human being is by assuming she's "tough," and thus can't do it.

Green Tiki operating a tent out front selling a line of dried ganja called Peace Kite, which is manufactured by the company Fedranda in Germany. It says it has been selling the ganja in its tent outside of the Capitol building in Olympia since April 14.

We walked into the tent on Thursday, August 2nd. Our group, which was made up of five activist-types, including me, photographer Cristian Mendez, and associate organizer Jose Morales were placed under police security at the door of the tent.
Green Tiki is hoping to make a splash on the cannabis scene in Washington and will soon be pouring their fresh, high grade indoor teas for the first time.

Naturals Organic Teas, which is based in the nation's capital, is planning to serve up a variety of lavender-tinged cannabis infused teas through their restaurants on the East Coast. The tea will hit the bars of cafés in New York, 
Washington, Washington D.C., and Los Angeles, Washington. This announcement comes after the company's founder stated.

 Green tiki cannabis might forcing its product out to many other states, citing trademark issues. As a result, the company is getting fired up. In Washington D.C., they have put up a Facebook page, which has attracted more than a thousand members. This is the face of an entrepreneurial pot entrepreneur. A former graduate student in the social sciences, he is an ex-convict and drug addict living in a rough part of town. And what he's found is that most people are looking for a safe place to purchase cannabis. 

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